Sample Syllabi

I think that the university system is at its strongest when instructors share teaching ideas, so I am happy to provide my past teaching syllabi here for anyone to explore. Feel free to ask me questions about anything you see. 


English 101 Syllabus Fall 2012

English 101 Syllabus Spring 2013

English 100 Syllabus Summer 2013

English 101 Syllabus Fall 2013

English 301 Syllabus Spring 2014

English 101 Syllabus Spring 2014

ENG 99 Syllabus Summer 2014

Eng 100 Syllabus Summer 2014

English 101 Food and Health Syllabus

CPLT 110 Course Website:

CPLT 201 Course Website:

CPLT 203 Course Website:

CPLT 202 Course Website:

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