I’m an unabashed word-scratcher, serving up rough-draft meditations and movements for life’s raw moments. I pair poetry with images or/and dance, fuse them together into multimodal formats, and add some love. When I pause to break from movement-poetry, I am usually writing about food or scribbling philosophical meditations (often on the strange beauty  on what it means to write).

My personal motto is “Write on,” to echo the “Heck yes” vibe that emerges from the phrase “Right on.” More than a vibe, this phrases emphasizes a persistence: write to continue, to survive, to witness my own change or the changes around me, and to start a dialogue with the communities that I encounter. Ultimately, this motto emphasizes the mark that writing leaves on the world—as I write on the page, a piece of my thoughts, my ideas, my being, lingers, frozen in time for another to receive, consider, and persist in their own lives, slightly altered after the encounter between my writing and their being.

Writing is not only alphanumeric or linear for me. I also write my world through cooking, through dance, through multimodal poetry.

Follow my food adventures as Gastronerdy.
Explore my dance and multimodal poetry as J-Dove.

While my academic work is intended to explore various professional articulations of writing, my creative writing helps me explore myself and learn more about the possibilities, interests, and limitations behind my academic work. The two work together, reflecting different aspects of my identity that are interwoven to represent always-changing and ever-learning me.